Special Session Application

Special session title

Optimal Operation and Security Analysis of Cyber-Physical Smart Grid

Length of the session

Half day (Nov 12-14, 2018)

Special Session Chair

Associate Prof. Bin Zhou, College of Electrical & Information Engineering, Hunan University, China, binzhou@hnu.edu.cn

Dr Bin Zhou received the Ph.D. degree from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, in 2013. Afterwards, he continued his postdoctoral research at the Department of Electrical Engineering in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He joined the College of Electrical and Information Engineering in Hunan University as an Assistant Professor in 2014, and was subsequently promoted to an Associate Professor in 2016. He is a senior member of IEEE, and serves as editor/associate editor of three open access journals.

His research areas include smart grid control, automation, and optimization methodologies, renewable energy generation, hybrid renewable Microgrid, and energy efficiency. He has published over 30 international SCI journal papers, including 1 ESI-Hot Paper and 1 Highly Cited Paper. He has received 8 awards from IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Springer Press, Chinese Institute of Command and Control, China Energy Research Society, and Chinese Electrotechnical Society.

The Special Session Detail

Large-scale deployment of real-time interactive technologies, i.e., wide-area measurement systems and smart substations, are driving the transformation of the traditional power grid into a deeply intertwined cyber-physical smart grid combining energy management with a supporting cyber infrastructure. The cyber-physical smart grid provides a new paradigm for intelligently integrating the behaviors and decisions of all participants in the energy supply chain including power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption. However, the integration of advanced communications and control into the physical smart grid may be vulnerable to cyber-attacks such as data manipulation and false data injection. It is thus urgent to understand the fundamentals and engineering aspects of cyber-physical mechanisms, and design appropriate operation and control measures to improve the energy efficiency, reliability, and resilience of smart grid.

This special session aims to present the state-of-the-art research works on optimal operation and security analysis of cyber-physical smart grid. Topics of presentations and research papers include but are not limited to:

  • Energy forecasting methods and tools (e.g., energy price, load, renewable energy forecasting)
  • Smart grid data compression, detection, fusion, storage and information management
  • Methodologies of modeling and analyzing the smart grid cyber-physical security
  • Cyber-physical security of renewable energy systems (e.g., large-scale wind farms, PV, and energy storage systems)
  • Distributed control and efficient optimization methods for cyber-physical power systems
  • Advanced energy management system of cyber-physical smart grid

This special session will consist of 8~10 presentations (each for 20mins) from a mix of international experts in the above research topics.

Planned format of the session including projected number of referred papers, hot topic sessions, keynotes, and panel discussions

It is estimated that a total of 8~10 papers will be submitted to this special session covering the above hot topics. After paper presentations, a panel discussion session may be followed.

Brief description of publicity plan

This special session will be widely broadcasted through circulations in email, professional networking websites (e.g., LinkedIn, Research Gate), as well as personal websites of the organizers and potential attendees.


Please submit your abstract in the same format as the IET ASPCOM abstract submission and email to: binzhou@hnu.edu.cn Dr. Bin Zhou for his consideration.