Towards a New Energy Eco-System:   The Convergence of the Electric Grid and The Electric Vehicle

The first commercial electric power grids and the first mass production of cars occurred within about two decades from each other at around the turn of the 20th century. In their separate ways, the electric power industry and the car industry have since provided the world with unparalleled prosperity and benefits, and fundamentally changed our ways of life for the better for over a century. However, the last decades have seen these two fossil-fuel based industries face major challenges arising from the so called ‘energy trilemma’ – energy equity, energy security and environmental sustainability. This talk will explore how the merging-together, or ‘marriage’, of the grid and the electric vehicles (EVs) helps generate and leverage disruptive technologies and innovative strategies that are critical in providing solutions for the ‘energy trilemma’, using some pioneering case studies including the Nissan’s EV charging and NationalGrid UK’s Electric Dreams. Disruptive technologies such as autonomous vehicles, smart and rapid EV charging, as well as innovative strategies in promoting energy democracy, will be discussed. The long term success, the talk will conclude, depends on the connectedness and the shared benefits that the ‘marriage’ generates.


Patrick Luk

Patrick Chi-Kwong Luk is Full Professor in Electrical Engineering and Head of Electric Power and Drives Group at Cranfield University, U.K. He has been the principal investigator for the successful delivery of two UK-government funded strategic projects in grid-connected electric vehicles. He is responsible for providing academic leadership and strategic direction for More Electric Technologies across the University’s different disciplines, including energy, automotive, aerospace and water. He is a member of the university’s $9M ‘Multi User Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Innovation’ government funded initiative to develop green mobile technologies built on a ‘smart’ road across the university’s campus.

He has held technical advisory roles to blue-chip companies including Mitsubishi Electric UK, Lotus Engineering, Ministry of Defence UK, BAE Systems, and Lockheed Martin. He is the co-holder of 10 GB/US patents and applications on electric drives, and has over 200 publications and several book chapters. He received his MPhil degree from Sheffield University and Ph.D degree from University of South Wales, Cardiff, UK., and is a Senior Member of IEEE.